About Ask the Fisherman

Welcome to ask the fisherman. The site is a compilation of articles about fishing. The articles cover topics from equipment selection, where to fish, how to use lures, and much more.

A beginner or less experienced angler will find many tips and techniques to improve their enjoyment of the sport. If you are an experienced angler, maybe brush up on the basics or learn a few new tricks.

There is something for everyone. Regardless of experience, anyone can learn more about fishing.

About the Author

The sport of fishing is an enjoyable pastime for many people. It has been for me. So it came as a natural decision for me to write a blog. As for me, I have been an avid fisherman for over fifty years and enjoyed learning the sport; with my father and grandfather teaching me at a young age.

I had the privilege of being raised in a family of outdoorsmen. This site includes a compilation of the knowledge gleaned throughout the years.

In addition, I am a native of western Pa. I have fished the rivers and lakes in Pa. all my life. On occasion, I have taken trips to Canada and other states and enjoyed fishing in the locales. In my experience fishing skills work wherever you take them. You use the same principles.

In the years, I have been fishing. I have caught many species. The list includes trout, catfish, bass, pike, and musky in Pa. along with a few other species. On my travels, I have caught stripers, salmon, and numerous saltwater fish. I use the same techniques and methods wherever I fish.

My goal is to provide information on different fishing-related topics in a simple format. In my years of experience, knowledge is more important than having the best rod, reel, or any other equipment. There is nothing wrong with having the best gear.

That said, the gear does not catch fish, it is the knowledge of the fisherman that catches the fish. In other words, a fisherman needs to know where to find fish, the correct methods used to catch the fish, and all that entails.

In some places, people use nets or hand lines. They need to find the fish and use good techniques. The same is true for any angler.

Mission Statement

In my articles, there will be information on how to improve fishing skills. The equipment that is best suited for specific species of fish. In addition, I’ll try to include some things that may have not been considered by some anglers.

The goal is to share general information along with some tips. The tips will focus on all fishing topics to improve your success. All anglers look to improve. The topics cover general aspects, plus species-specific details.

In fishing, the right information and small changes where needed can have profound effects. It will help you increase your catch rate. That is what every angler strives for in the sport. Along with a personal best trophy.

I hope you enjoy the articles and that they benefit you. Plus add to your enjoyment of angling.

Keeping fishing simple for tight lines and bragging rights

John McIntyre