Category: Lure Techniques

  • Fishing a Wacky or Neko Rig

    If you are bass fishing the Wacky and Neko rig needs to be in your tackle. The rigs are similar but work differently. The difference is a Neko uses a weight. The small weight changes the way the lure moves and why and when to use it.

  • How to Dropshot

    How to dropshot covers the popular technique for bass fishing. This is a finesse method for clear or light to moderately stained water. As a finesse technique, you need to downsize some of the tackle too. People often make the same mistakes with the rig. In other words, they use lines, hooks, baits, weight, or rods too big or heavy for a dropshot rig.

  • Tips for Using Lures

    The internet is full of what lures to use. Rarely do you see tips on how to use the lures. Each lure has aspects that increase its productivity. There are a lot of people casting and retrieving lures without any focus. You need to know why and how the lure looks and should feel.

  • Classic Baits That Perform

    In today’s market, the newest lure is hyped over all others. People overlook the classic baits that perform in lieu of modern baits. If you do not have any of these lures in your box. You need to consider adding a few. These lures catch fish and have done so for decades.

  • Why and When to Use a Ned Rig

    The Ned rig is popular and productive. People not using the lure need to learn when and how to use a Ned rig. This lure is easy to learn and will yield results in a short time. The lure only needs to bounce or drag along the bottom. Plus, it is easy to tell when a fish grabs the lure.